FMC Laboratory Services


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We are closed the following Holidays:

New Years, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day,

Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve & Christmas Day


In the event of INCLEMENT WEATHER, please call the office @ 919-851-6260  before risking life & limb on ice or snow!  If you get our voice mail, please feel free to leave a message.   The office will be open as soon as staff can arrive safely & we will return your call as quickly as possible.

PLEASE DO NOT CALL THE PHYSICIAN AFTER HOURS LINE unless you have a medical emergencythat must be addressed immediately.  Otherwise,  You will be transferred back to patient voice mail.

Script & Medication Issues are NOT considered a medical emergency and must be managed during regular business hours.  Thank you!  

Insurance coverage via the Affordable Care Act

Many new plans offered via "The Marketplace" require you see only participating providers to use the benefits of your insurance plan.  Be sure to check participating provider lists before committing to policy participation & confirm benefits before making your appointment.   

Bring your INSURANCE CARD & Co-Pay to every visit!

We are now required to verify insurance coverage & collect all patient balances at each office visit.  Be prepared with your insurance card AND payment at visit check-in. 

Inquiries regarding patient balances after insurance payments should be directed to your insurance carrier & may be reached via contact information provided on reverse side of your insurance card. 

Help Us Help You!!!
Does your voice mail identify you by name???

In the event we attempt to reach you via telephone, we will ALWAYS leave a message if possible.  Here are a few reminders to avoid duplicate calls & multiple messages from our office:  

  • Opt-In to use the Patient Portal!!  While providing appointment reminders & access to your medical records, you may also receive & send messages to Dr. Troy and office staff. 

  • Update your voice mail to identify you by name as we are UNABLE to leave specific messages related to your care if VM does not identify the patient by name.

  • BEFORE calling us back, please check your voice mail for specific instructions! This saves time & multiple calls regarding the same issue.


We receive lots of return calls when information has already been left on patient voice mail.  While we love to hear from you, we are also managing patient care & daily appointments in the office.  

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